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Monday, June 6, 2011

One More Birthday, A Million More Smiles!

What a great feeling it is to smile more than a million times after having ONE more birthday! Am I finding out now that my birthdays are more endearing to me than ever before? I believe that to be so. Many times I would not think of my birthday at all; it was just another day. I would not give any attention to the passing birthday. As I say, it was just another day! Somehow I have come to realize that I am to appreciate them. Don’t just let them pass up without an acknowledgment that I “went around the sun one more time.”
I’m thinking about my classmates who have passed on and we the living have celebrated their life. Well, these celebrations have taken a turn to come about more often than one should expect or eve care to have to deal with; it’s been happening on an average of the demise of a classmate bi-monthly. Of couse, that saddens me deeply. Why now, we must have a count of 30- plus classmates, a full classroom that have met their transition on this earth.
Too, what about the young folks who were so much a part of my life who has met their transition? For we know in our hearts that they were too young to die. So much so that you wish it made sense if you could replace them with giving them some of your years. I don’t have to go that far back to bring them to the forefront, like, my late son at 19 years old, almost twenty years ago. What happened? He was the victim of a homicide and too young to die. Not enough birthdays! I also lost two great- nephews. They were a part of my life. One was 14 years old and one was 16 years old. They were both murdered. Too young to die! Birthdays again for them were not to be. Wish I could have done the impossible, given them some of my years, some of my birthdays, but that was not to be.

Though the afore situations were truly dire, they have convinced me that “ One More Birthday, A Million More Smiles” should be most
appreciated. I want to smile many times over but will I be hiding pain? I hope not. I can see them all here with me, my son and my great-nephews,
sharing my one more birthday and a million more smiles. Of course, I would not leave out my classmates who met their transition. For I have learned because of them to consider what it really means to have one more birthday and smile a million more times. By: Berneda Earle

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  1. Remember Sis you were blessed to have another B-Day and you can smile for those who have gone although we may think it was to early,we must remember it's not ours to decide,God never makes a mistake.When we accept Him as our Lord and Saviour we will see them again We will all "Rejoice" in Christ Jesus if they did the same,