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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tornadoes Fury

What are the tornadoes saying to us? Do we not want to listen because the tornadoes are not kind to us? Instead, they are horrific and leave a path resulting in much destruction, devastation and many fatalities. Remember just a few weeks ago the more than 200 fatalities occurring in Alabama? Again, Sunday, we are met with more fury from the tornadoes, leaving devastation in rampant proportions, resulting in much of the city of Joplin, Missouri being destroyed. After the tornadoes hit in both areas I was upset as many others were also. Tears streamed from my eyes. I was trembling as I held the telephone to find out the fate of  relatives living in or near the area of the tornadoes.  Getting used to it, I would say. I had to do the same thing during Hurricane Katrina.. I had three siblings and other relatives who were effected by those tornadoes in combo to form Hurricane Katrina. Sometimes we are helpless as a result of  the tornadoes' fury.  But what are we to do? 

Well,  I don't  live near Joplin but I do reside in  another locale of the Mid-West.  I am wondering, just wondering will a full blown tornado come our way.  Just yesterday the weather report was that there were heavy rains,  winds at 50 plus miles per hour.  These  weather conditions  caused some downed wires, uprooted trees and minor damages.  Nothing like what happened  in Joplin.  However, there is always the possibility of  a tornado  of similar type to drop its fury in this part of the Mid-West.   Besides being left with the fury of the tornadoes, what are we to do?  Can we ease the blow?  Or is there some discoveries coming about?   We may have to search and research more for answers. 

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